Diana Perkins website, musician, vocalist, zendrummer.


Welcome to my website!  I am a professional vocalist experienced in many music styles, from jazz standards, pop to high energy rock. I am also well-versed in the studio and have done many songwriter demos, jingles and voice over work.  To listen to mp3 samples, please visit my mp3 page.  There are songwriter demos listed by genre, cover song samples, and voice over samples.  I have some competitive rates for studio work (see Rates page for breakdown).  Aside from singing, I also play an interesting midi-drum instrument I sling much like a guitar called the Zendrum.  Check out my Zendrum page for that. 

I have a few other passions I'd like to share with you...one is photography and I will be adding photos to my album on a regular basis.  I am also an avid avian watcher, or bird watcher, and  so have a page devoted to my 'life bird list' and continually add new sightings to that too. 

Contact me at:  musictodifor@yahoo.com